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  • Foto: Aino Korvensyrjä
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"Migrant struggles against deportation" (Vortrag)

Deportations have since 2015 again become a catch-all solution to social problems in Germany and the EU.

Despite their long-standing political mobilisations, black and brown people affected by deportation are still often seen either as victims or (potential) criminals.

Rex Osa (Refugees4Refugees) and Aino Korvensyrjä (University of Helsinki; Migration Control) emphasise that a critical practice against deportation needs to acknowledge the political agency of migrants, both their protests and everyday struggles against deportation.

The speakers give an overview of such since 2015 in Germany and beyond, focusing on people from West Africa – and present the documentation project Culture of Deportation. More information can be found in their joint article on Deportation Monitoring in Germany and Nigeria (antiAtlas Journal #5).

Veranstaltet von: Seebrücke Würzburg zusammen mit dem Netzwerk Soli-Asyl Würzburg

Die Vorträge finden auf Englisch bei uns im Theatersaal statt.