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  • Foto: Phillip Strobel
20:30 Uhr
21:00 Uhr
7-9 €
6,00 € zzgl. Geb.

Sorry for Escalating

Pop-Punk/Punk Rock/Hardcore

“Sorry For Escalating” is a German band, which combines elements of modern Emo music with an Alternative vibe to their own remarkable sound. Since the foundation in 2014, much has happened about the band. The boys from Karlsruhe didn’t only extended their gig radius from their home town to various other German cities but also developed their musical horizon. After the first EP release “Stuck” (2016) and an acoustic single “Things Are Gone” (2017) this spring SFE released their second EP „Losing Sleep“ (2018). These songs are the result of last year’s intensive work including songs made of emotion and passion. Losing Sleep is distributed across the UK, US & EU via some great DIY Labels.