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22:30 Uhr
23:00 Uhr
16,50 €
Reduziert AK
13,50 €
13,50 € zzgl. Geb.
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10,50 € zzgl. Geb.

20. Würzburger Improfestival // Inbal & Aree: Stories from Home

Honest and funny insights on living far from home // In English

23:00 Uhr (Einlass 22:30 Uhr) // Cairo

Preis: VVK: 13,50 Euro (ermäßigt 10,50 Euro) zzgl. VVK-Gebühr // AK: 16,50 Euro (13,50 Euro ermäßigt)

Inbal comes from Israel. Aree comes from Indonesia. Both made Germany and Norway their home for years. Yet, they bring the stories from their first home wherever they go. In Inbal & Aree, they take little pieces of their memories and turn them into scenes never played before. Stories which are honest, charming, funny, yet insightful. We touch upon family, society, politics, taboos and life growing up in Asia and living in Europe. For one evening, we share with our audience the world through our unique perspectives.


Please note that this Late Night Show has no break.