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  • Foto: Sarah Baum
20:00 Uhr
20:30 Uhr

AUSVERKAUFT: Double Feature: Sound Off! & SpeakEasy

Speechless & EN
Show ohne Sprache & in englischer Sprache

Improtheatershow im Rahmen des Würzburger Improtheaterfestivals

Stories that need no words, and where words become poetry

The Impro Duo Bemme & Melange from Vienna sets out on a new adventure. In „Sound off!“ they enter a world in which language doesn’t matter.

Completly without words, immersed in an atmosphere of sounds and songs, the two actors Ursula Anna Baumgartner and Anne Rab step into the unknown. Inspired by audience suggestions of character, setting and surprises, they ride a rollercoaster of improvised emotion and comotion where only one thing is certain: nothing is certain.

In SpeakEasy we embark on a journey full of words! Dave Morris and Missie Peters from Victoria, Canada's „Paper Street Theatre“ combine their experience in theatrical impro and slam poetry into a narrative with heart, soul, rhythm and rhyme. They skillfully weave poetry, storytelling and theatre together on stage — all created in the moment, immersing the audience in an improvised story not to be forgotten!

SpeakEasy has been performed at festivals across Canada as well as in London, Berlin, Bucharest and Amsterdam.

Musik: Eric Ziegelbauer