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  • Foto: Maximilian Tortoriello


Queerfeministischer Hip Hop/Rap aus Berlin

If Audre Lorde was a rapper, Breezy would be the embodiment because their hip hop takes on topics like racial identity, gender politics, sex positivity, and queerness. Breezy represents the fluidity in the gray area between “man” and “woman” or “Black” and “white.” An artist who identifies as nonbinary, Breezy grew up in the States and is reappropriating the historically derogatory term “mulatto” (having one Black and one white parent). This identity came with such complexity that Breezy’s first project, Tragic Mulatto EP ‘18 was dedicated to exploring these dynamics.

Since their collaboration album Schwarzfahren ‘21, featuring Black queer femme and nonbinary artists, they have done two summer tours throughout Germany, performing at festivals such as Entropie, SNNTG, and Breminale. Breezy draws crowds in by speaking out about lived-experiences that are rarely reflected upon like depression, sexual assault, and period cramps with sharp political observations.


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