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  • Foto: Christian Behrens
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18. Würzburger Improfestival // To Würzburg – or MY OWN PRIVATE MOSCOW

A theatrical exploration distantly inspired by Anton Chekhov // In English

We are three very different women. We consider ourselves soulmates and sisters in spirit. And we want to find out a lot about each other and our lives – out of interest, humanity or anger. And out of love. Therefore we ask each other questions, and we promise to answer them with playfulness and absolute honesty. "You ask me what life is? It is like asking what a carrot is. A carrot is a carrot, and nothing more is known.” Anton Chekhov

The sisters are: Beatrix Brunschko (Theater im Bahnhof) lives in Graz and suffers from an acute lack of decision making. Verena Lohner (Steife Brise) lives in Hamburg and experiences time multidimensionally. Ilka Luza (Placebotheater) lives in Düsseldorf and wishes for her arms to be longer, so she can hug the entire world.

A format by Verena Lohner, Ilka Luza and Beatrix Brunschko.

Die Show findet im Konzertsaal statt.